Freddy Rouse

“The dirtier I am, the better my day”, a defining quote of Freddy’s personality. He feels great synergy working with everyone at Atomic Speed Shop. He gets a kick out of aggravating all his coworkers and can easily do everything from one end of the shop to the other. Paint and body work is his specialty, with varying levels of affluence. He is very meticulous and detail-oriented.

Freddy’s fascination with cars stems from his uncle’s street rods. At age 8, Freddy’s passion for cars spawned. He collected Hot Wheels and die-cast race cars, with an assemblage of thousands. After providing his uncle aid in dropping a small block in a ’51 Ford, Freddy never looked back. He was hooked.

Freddy forced himself to learn about cars from the ground up in his High School Auto Mechanic class, mainly because he did not want to pay anyone to do what he himself could. He owned a shop in Athens, Tennessee for 18 years. He worked as an Engineering Technician at DENSO for 10 years.

A Facebook advertisement brought him to Atomic Speed Shop, along with the desire to once again work on old cars. New cars were becoming a bore. He has been employed at the speed shop since June, 2020. He does not miss owning his own shop as it was “too much of a headache”. It was hard to find skilled workers that did not require mentoring. He is not intimidated in the least at a challenging paint job.

In his spare time, Freddy can be found cruising down the streets in his Harley. He has custom painted hundreds of those iconic bikes.


Favorite song: La Grange – ZZ Top

Favorite Movie: Gumball Rally

Favorite car: 1967 427 AC Cobra