Garrett grew up around dirt bikes and four wheelers, but at 16, changed his interest into cars and trucks. Garrett’s grandpaw and uncle were always doing car body work.  They have been his greatest inspirations into pursuing the car world.  His grandpaw’s ’67 cherry red firebird was the one car Garrett wasn’t allowed to drive.  His grandpaw still has it and “might let me drive it now,” Garrett joked.

Garrett attended Oak Ridge High School his freshman and sophomore years and completed his High School education at Oliver Springs High School for his Junior and Senior years.  After High School, he worked one year at Downtown Hardware as he waited to get into Tennessee College of Applied Technology. He attended there for ¾ a year, then graduated.

While Keisha Lane and Will Derreberry (from Atomic Speed Shop) were attending the Top Wrench Car Show, they discovered Garrett.  At that time, Atomic Speed Shop was looking for a paint and body guy.  Garrett came highly recommended by several individuals. His specialty was paint and body work.

Garrett is currently working on the Speed Shop’s ’69 green Super Bee.  He puts in 35-40 hours a week of work and has been an employee at the Atomic Speed Shop since November of 2019.

His favorite projects are those that have many aspects to them.  Remodeling from scratch is a challenge that he loves and welcomes.  He looks forward to seeing the end result, when the project car becomes a “roller.”  The Super Bee should be a roller in 3-4 weeks. Garrett is working on it daily.

What Garrett wants customers to know is that each and every piece of their car will get tender, loving care before being advanced on and well-inspected as to where it needs to be.  One car, in particular, his grandpaw’s ’69 Camaro, was thought to be a loss, never to be finished until Garrett, his uncle, and grandpaw got ahold of it and finished it.  “It was beautiful,” Garrett beamed.

On a more personal note, his favorite movie is American Sniper