Mike Garner comes to the Atomic Speed Shop from Kingston, Tennessee.  When asked, “Why cars?”, he replied, “That’s a loaded question.”  He expounded that his Daddy loved everything, cars, planes, and had a 70s bookcase collection full of Hot Rod magazines.  Mike read these continually, instead of comic books.  His Dad took him to many junkyards to fix up the family and friend’s cars.  Mike scoured them alongside his Dad.  Mike gravitated into the love of cars, especially motorcycles, much to his Mom’s dislike. At 15, Mike wanted a dirt bike, and his parents talked him into a car instead.

Mike graduated from Roane County High School, received a 2 year Auto mechanics certification, and a business degree.  The rest he learned from the “school of hard knocks.”

Mike and his Dad hung around body shops together and gained much knowledge from “old-timers” working hands-on vintage cars.  He did major collision work for 3 years.

He grew up with cars all his life and feels most comfortable working in a hot Rod shop.  He loves seeing these old cars become showroom quality.  Cars are in his head and working on cars is therapeutic for him.

His dad’s 1970 Chevelle holds a special place in his heart. When his Dad fell on bad health, he told Mike to come and get it.  Mike will never sell it, for it was the last project they worked on together.

Mike is proud to boast that his 9-year-old son seems to be following in his footsteps, with the love of cars, especially trucks.

Favorite Movies: Two Lane Black Top / American Graffiti
Favorite Car: 1970 Chevelle