As a young girl, Keisha helped her Dad gather the proper tools. She learned to identify them, as well as use her hands alongside him to work on 4 wheelers and cars. She followed him everywhere, soaking up his mechanical skills. “I was a Ford girl, myself.” Her first car purchase was a 1999 Ford Mustang V6, manual transmission (her Dad had taught her how to drive one). He felt it very important that she should know how to do as much as possible herself.

Robert Elwood hired Keisha in 2013, and what he gained in her as an employee was more than he’d expected. From the beginning, she rolled up her sleeves and went to work (cleaning, invoicing, keeping track of expenses, running errands, and managing customers) with gusto. Keisha is the first face seen, and quite an attractive one, when all enter the doors of The Atomic Speed Shop. Her fresh looks and sweet demeanor make it no wonder that Robert’s business began to steadily gain customers.


Favorite Song: My Wish For You – Rascal Flats
Favorite Car: 1984 C-10 SWB step side truck