Matthew Powers

Matthew Powers Matthew was born in Richmond, VA, but has lived in Oak Ridge, TN since the age of 6. He is a 2018 Oak Ridge High School graduate. He went to work cutting concrete right after High School graduation. He has an Automotive Service Excellence certification through The Tennessee College of Applied Technology.

Matthew has been working on cars since the age of 12. His Dad started him on them in the family’s garage. Matthew would hand his Dad tools when needed. At 16, he had to maintain his own car to drive to school. He has owned a Honda Prelude, ’89 F-150, ’86 Nissan Pickup, and an RX-8.

The Atomic Speed Shop is right up Matthew’s alley. Cutting concrete did not come naturally, so he figured he would rather get into something that interested him.

Favorite Song: “Baby Shark” – Pinkfong
Favorite Car: 1971 Camaro