What hours are you open?

Monday-Friday 8-5 and most Saturdays until 12, however we are often here after 5. Just give us a call. We can work around your schedule.

What kind of cars do you work on?

Most Vehicles 1923-1983. Also install new engines in restomods.

Where are you located?

114 Union Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.

What is your best contact number?

Shop Phone 865-272-3619

Robert’s Cell 865-803-2337

Texts are better for Robert. He won’t answer a number he doesn’t know but you can leave him a message.

Do you turn flywheels?

No, we do not want the mess and dust in our shop.

What kind of engine work can you do?

We have a full engine shop, from block machining, head work, Crankshaft Grinder, and full assembly. We are setup to work on most domestic engines as well as a few foreign engines. 

How long does it take to fix a vehicle?

Again, really depends. If your vehicle has been sitting and just needs brakes and fuel system reviews, maybe a few weeks. A complete restoration takes 12-24 months. Do not believe the TV shows that show a complete build, including paint, in a week.

Do you sell parts?

No, but we buy wholesale for our projects.

How much will it cost to paint my car?

All depends on the condition of the car and the product you desire. We cannot paint your car for $300. Paint and body on a classic vehicle starts at around $18-$35K plus material. The variables are your car, its condition, and color. If major metal work is needed, cost goes up. We replace rusted areas with metal. We do not cut corners with bondo.