Jack began his car journey with his best friend, Matt.  Matt had set a World Record SS/AH. Jack and Matt were the crew at the ages of 16 for drag racing.  Matt’s Dad owned an engine and machine shop. Jack also wood worked with his own Dad. Jack has always been using his hands and all he seems to touch, thrives.  Jack worked at Eagle Racing in his late teens and early 20s on Pro-modified drag racing engines. He also performed port and polish on heads. Jack learned to build engines, specializing in Mopar.  Jack has spent hours of time building and restoring both Mopar and racing engines. Robert Elwood hired Jack to work on his Dodge Charger. Jack rebuilt the entire Dodge Charger engine. The Dodge Charger was showcased both at SEMA in Las Vegas and The Playboy Mansion during their last car show.

Jack’s work ethic was inspired by both parents.  Jack is an only child, and family always takes first place in his life.  In Jack’s free/spare time, he can be found fishing (he lives on the lake) and camping with his wife, Karen and dog Racid.  Jack continues to wood work, building various projects as time allows. His “Bucketlist” will find him traveling and as he says, “taking our camper and disappearing.”

An interesting note: Robert’s parents and Jack’s parents grew up together in the Loveland area of Knoxville.

Jack has been employed at the Atomic Speed Shop since 2012.   He is the main machinist/engine builder. Jack refers to himself as “machinist, NOT mechanic.”  Jack has 35 years of experience.


Favorite song: Freebird

Favorite movie: Die Hard

Favorite car: 1968 Barracuda (HEMI)