Mac’s Father was his inspiration. When Mac was 5 years old, his racecar career took off. His Father was part owner of a racecar and built its engine. “Dad threw me in the back seat, and off we went to the races.” After graduating high school, he worked at Automatic Transmission Exchange in Greensboro, N.C. from 1994-1999, where he removed, installed transmissions, and apprenticed for building automatic transmissions.  From 1999-2003, he worked at Roy Hill’s Drag Racing School, in Greensboro, N.C. He mechanically maintained cars for their drag racing school and was quickly promoted to instructor. Through Roy Hill, Howard Moon discovered Mac and sought his pro-modified racing expertise. Howard Moon Atomic Performance in Oak Ridge, TN was contracted by four professional drag racing teams. Mac joined staff there and worked from 2002-2016. While on Moon’s staff, Mac had many responsibilities, including engine building assembly and maintenance,  inventory controlling for parts, preparing the racing teams for domestic and overseas travel, trouble shooting, testing/diagnostics, maintaining a safe work environment, supervising and training other team members, preparing cars for test and tune sessions, and performing chassis adjustments (including shock, determining transmission ratios to optimize the performance of the racecar).

During Mac’s racing career, his team raced NHRA and IHRA drag racing in four countries.  His team won NHRA Championships in 2007 and 2010, Arabian Drag racing Championships in Qatar in 2009 and 2010, winning over 30 races in the course of 12 racing seasons. A record was set in IHRA by having the first legal car to go in the 5 second range.

Mac has 43 years of experience.  

When he’s not perfecting cars, he can be found spending time with his favorite companion, Indie 9his dog) or off roading in his JEEP.

Favorite song: Highway To Hell

Favorite movie: Devil’s Rejects

Favorite car: 67 SS NOVA Chevy II