Tim’s dad was a “Hot Rodder,” and Tim was born into the world of cars.  He was brought home in a 1968 ’54 Mercury Monterey 390 24s with a four speed at birth.  His dad has only been gone for one year now, but was an avid hot rodder his entire life.

    Tim works at the Atomic Speed Shop alongside his first cousin, Freddy Rouse.  They grew up together, putting more miles on his dad’s 1951 Ford Tudor together than his dad ever did.  They spent weekends street racing and cruising around town.

    As soon as Tim was old enough to walk, he began working in their family’s garage with his dad.  He painted his first car at 12, a ’75 Monte Carlo.  His dad became ill and could not complete the paint job, so he turned this task over to Tim.  His dad’s friends were amazed and bragged on the beautiful job Tim had done, while his dad just said, “Some things can be taught, some things you are born with.”  Tim was surely born with “it,” in the way of cars.

    Tim’s family owned “Galloway’s Grocery” in Etowah, Tennessee, where he and Freddy worked together.  His dad was their professional butcher.  Freddy and Tim have been at work together in both professional and unprofessional settings.  Tim worked with Freddy at Performance Paint (Freddy’s business), then followed him to the Atomic Speed Shop when the right opening for Tim became available.  

    Tim speaks highly of the Atomic Speed shop, due to the friendly environment and family-based feeling that is maintained while at work.  Tim arrives at work from 4:30-5:00 A.M. each morning, jokingly racing to beat Freddy there.  They are both McMinn County natives, living only 25 miles apart.  Oftentimes, Tim is referred to/nicknamed Chicken Hawk, and Freddy, Foghorn Leghorn.  The two are a pair to be seen enjoying their constant bantering of one another on a daily basis.

    Tim holds a High School diploma, and a degree from the Tennessee School of Applied Technology, where he was an Assistant Night School Instructor, teaching Auto body courses. He is both ASE and PPG certified.

Tim Dalton

Favorite Song: “Simple Man” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Favorite Movie: Hollywood Nights

Favorite Car: 1958 Plymouth Fury

Favorite Color: Black